Cherie Harms

DEC Member since 2005
Co-founder of the NDTO
Partner in the Harms Group

Cherie Harms is President and part owner of Leonardite Products, a position she’s held since 2008. Leonardite Products, located in Williston, is a mining and processing facility serving the agricultural, foundry and oil industries. Leonardite Products also provides trans-loading services to the oil industry in the Bakken Oil Field. Prior to working with Leonardite Products, Harms was instrumental in the development of the North Dakota Trade Office and Makoché Recording Company. Her career includes several management positions in marketing, advertising and broadcasting industries.

In addition to serving on the North Dakota District Export Council, Harms is a founder and the Secretary/Treasurer of an international trade association, Humic Products Trade Association. She serves on the North Dakota Judicial Conduct Commission, the North Dakota Rural Development Council and for the Center for Business and Technology at the University of North Dakota. A native of Dickinson, Harms boasts of having lived and worked in every corner of North Dakota. Currently, she splits her time between Bismarck and Williston.