Mort Sarabakhsh

DEC Member since 2014
Professor at University of Jamestown

Mort Sarabakhsh has over 34 years of teaching experience in business management, marketing, and hospitality and tourism industry. He started his teaching career in 1982 at San Diego Mesa College, and the United States International University currently called Alliant International University in Sand Diego California.

After 18 years teaching at North Dakota State University he was hired by the University of Jamestown in 2007 and still teaching in the Department of Business, Accounting and Economics. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses like marketing, leadership, marketing research, organizational behavior, global marketing, and others at the University of Mary Fargo campus for over 14 years. He was invited as a visiting professor by the International Institute of Management and Tourism in Krems, Austria in 2011 to teach for one year. Mort Sarabakhsh received his Master’s Degree from the University of Dallas in Texas in Industrial Administration and Doctoral Degree from the United States International University in Leadership with emphasis in Organizational Development. He has worked for several companies like Tharldson Hotels, Swift Current Inn at the Glacier National Park in Montana, Roll-A-Ramp, and numerous resort hotels in San Diego, California. He is married to Stephanie and has two children, Sina and Cyrus.