Kevin Christensen

DEC Member since 2018
President/Owner of Palmer Bit Co.

Kevin Christensen is currently owner and partner with his wife of Palmer Bit Co. A company specializing in manufacturing, design and repair of drill bits in the water well, mining, geothermal, geotechnical, HDD and oil field markets. Palmer Bit Company was established in 1957 to manufacture Red Devil bits for the local drilling companies during big seismic boom in the Williston basin.

Kevin started his employment at Palmer Bit in 1977.  During that time, Kevin was responsible for production, quality control and general management.  In 2005, Kevin and his wife purchased 50% of the company from Dick Palmer.  In 2008, Kevin designed the revolutionary Diamond Devil PDC drill bit, and was responsible for marketing and sales of the new bit.  Palmer Bit Co, grew from a small family owned business, selling bits in the Williston basin, to sales in every state in the union and exporting to 17 countries around the world. In 2012, Kevin and his wife, purchased the rest of the company, and presently run the company with our two sons.