Our Members

Thomas D. Shorma

CEO & President of WCCO Belting.

Bruce Gjovig

DEC Member since 2018

Heather Ranck

Director of the US Commercial Service // North Dakota

John Hertsgaard

President/CEO of SpaceAge Synthetics, Ltd.

Kevin Christensen

DEC Member since 2018
President/Owner of Palmer Bit Co.

Jon Engelstad

DEC Member since 2016
International Sales Manager
Superior Manufacturing, LLC

Roger Gussiaas

DEC Member since 2010
President of Healthy Oilseeds, LLCĀ 

Olga Hall

DEC Member since 2018
RDO Equipment
Director of International Sales

Cherie Harms

DEC Member since 2005
Co-founder of the NDTO
Partner in the Harms Group

Chris Harris

CH Trade

Kristin Hedger

DEC Member since 2018
Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

Joel Jorgenson

DEC Member since 2018
Anderson Industries
Directer of Operations

Tom Kenville

Flock Buster and

Ron Martin

DEC Member since 2016
Licensed US Customs Broker

Barbara McConn

DEC Member since 2016
President of Dakota Air Parts Int'l.

John Novak

DEC Member since 2010
VP of the International Department, Bremer Bank N.A.

Jim Richtsmeier

DEC Member since 2010
VP of Engineering & Technology of Ideal Aerosmith

Ashley Ritteman

DECĀ Member since 2014
Valor Victoria Ltd.

Todd Sinner

DEC Member since 2012
Sinner Brothers and Bresnahan (SB&B)