Tom Shorma

Chair of the ND DEC, Tom Shorma, CEO & President of WCCO Belting.

Tom Kenville

Tom Kenville, Board Member and President/CEO of FlockBuster and Roll-a-Ramp.

Heather Ranck

Director of the US Commercial Service / US Dept. of Commerce office in ND, Heather Ranck.

Cherie Harms

Cherie Harms, Board Member, co-founder of the ND Trade Office, and Partner in the Harms Group.

Todd Sinner

Todd Sinner, Board Member and a partner/owner of Sinner Brothers and Bresnahan (SB&B).

Ashley Ritteman

Ashley Ritteman, Board Member and VP of Sales & Marketing, North Dakota Port Services, Inc., Minot.

Lee Beauclair

Lee Beauclair, Board Member and Latin America Sales Support Manager, Doosan Infracore International. Inc., Bismarck.

Mort Sarabakhsh

Mort Sarabakhsh, Board Member and Associate Professor, Jamestown College, Jamestown.