Advocacy. Education. Mentoring.



Building North Dakota's future

"We believe North Dakota companies produce world-class products and services."

The North Dakota District Export Council (DEC) promotes North Dakota companies and their efforts to export products and services around the world. The ND DEC provides Advocacy, Education and Mentoring. As part of the US Commerce Department's national DEC program, the ND DEC is charged with providing experienced leadership in the promotion of US exports. 

Each DEC member is a highly experienced international business person who has been appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce. These volunteers offer their time and expertise to assist other business people with their exporting questions. The DEC and DEC board members use their resources and knowledge to help increase exports of various products and services from North Dakota.

Why Export?

  • Better Paying Jobs

    Statistics show that companies that export tend to pay higher wages, thereby helping grow the local economy. Better paying jobs are only part of the impact.

  • Better Quality Products & Services

    Companies that export must meet the quality expectations of a global customer base, which tends to improve the quality of their offerings making them even more competitive.

  • Diversified Customer Base

    Companies that export diversify their customer base allowing them to grow and gain economies of scale, thus reducing costs and better allocating overhead.

  • Offset Seasonal Business Patterns

    Companies who experience seasonal slumps can export products and services to areas where the seasons are opposite or always favorable.