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Building North Dakota's future

"We believe North Dakota companies produce world-class products and services."

The North Dakota District Export Council (DEC) promotes North Dakota companies and their efforts to export products and services around the world. The ND DEC provides Advocacy, Education and Mentoring. As part of the US Commerce Department's national DEC program, the ND DEC is charged with providing experienced leadership in the promotion of US exports. 

Each DEC member is a highly experienced international business person who has been appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce. These volunteers offer their time and expertise to assist other business people with their exporting questions. The DEC and DEC board members use their resources and knowledge to help increase exports of various products and services from North Dakota.

The National District Export Council system is designed to help America's exporters.

Closely affiliated with the U.S. Commercial Service's U.S. Export Assistance Centers, the 56 District Export Councils (DECs) nationwide are organizations comprised of leaders from their local business community.

The DEC Members are appointed by the Secretary of Commerce. These international trade professionals use their knowledge and international business experience to act as consultants to small and medium sized businesses who want to export their products into markets outside of the United States.

The energies of more than 1,800 exporters and export service providers throughout the United States, volunteer their time to promote numerous trade related activities. The NSC sponsors a nationally-focused “Export University” that brings the best practices for exporting and global business to business audiences around the US.

For more than 30 years, DECs have served the United States by assisting companies in their local communities export, thus promoting our country's economic growth and creating new and higher-paying jobs for their communities.

The North Dakota DEC is committed to helping rural North Dakota companies reach larger overseas markets through education, advocacy, and mentoring. Partnering with the US Commercial Service: North Dakota and North Dakota Trade Office, seasoned exporters volunteer their time and energy to ensure the success of North Dakota exporters.

Why Export?

  • Better Paying Jobs

    In 2016, exporting supported 28,002 North Dakota Jobs (ITA).

  • Strengthening Ties

    92.8% of exported goods are shipped to markets in which the US government has Free Trade Agreements (ITA).

  • Growing the Economy

    Petroleum products are North Dakota's number one export category at $4,331,926,877 in 2018 (ITA).

  • Rural Results

    Small and medium-sized goods exporters account for 35% of exported goods (ITA).

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